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Aja and The Big Man - Get It On
Straight From The Heart (Carlos Guitarlos)
Song: Ain't That Loving You (with Mike Watt)
Modern Babylon (Aja Kim)
World's Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden: US version (The Iron Maidens)
World's Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden: Japan Version (Powerslave Records)
Rte 666 (Powerslave Records)
Produced by Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen
The Root Of All Evil (Powerslave Records)
Featuring a dance remix of The Trooper by Glenn Baren and Lynn Woolever


Hammerworld Magazine (Hungary)
Review of Modern Babylon By Gyorgy Danev
Rating: 9 of 10

Aja’s first solo album is as far away from the classic British metal as possible. It’s the kind of funky rock music, which I normally don’t like, but I really like this, which means that Aja and this fellow, the bassist Lynn Woolever, write excellent songs. I must put forward Lynn Woolever’s amazing playing – with this performance he immediately became one of my favorite bassists. Of course, the main figure is still Aja who has a beautiful voice and a great sense of melody.

Bruce Dickinson (Lead Vocalist/Iron Maiden) "She nailed it!!"
(After seeing her performance as Bruce LEE Chickinson at the Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City)

Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) "You ARE Bruce Dickinson!!!"
(After seeing her performance as Bruce LEE Chickinson in Spokane, WA)

Bob Kulick (Grammy award winning producer): Any band trying to perform Iron Maiden’s songs have a daunting task in front of them- these are not easy songs to sing or play. Vocals courtesy of Aja “Bruce ‘LEE’ Chickinson" Kim who devours these songs with an attitude and attack that command attention.

The Los Angeles Times
Big Man's New Road Leads To Aja By Mike Boehm
Clarence Clemon's new venture is an Ike and Tina Turner type act opposite an Asian Tina. Aja, a Korean - American from L.A., was the obvious choice following a wide-ranging series of auditions. "It was their concept." Clemons said. "I thought about it for a while and decided if they can come up with a person who has the voice, charisma and talent, then go for it. And this woman has it."

The Japan Times
Tokyo Takes Note By Peter Serafin
I gave "Get It On" a listen and was pleasantly surprised by it's exuberance and sheer fun. Although there are a couple of duets, Aja and The Big Man is not a duo in the conventional sense and this album shines brightest when either one is spotlighted. In an era when many bands are overproduced, over scrubbed and over sampled, Aja and the Big Man retain an amiable scruffiness that makes me want to see them live.

Continental Air Magazine
Clarence Clemons: Dueting With A Female Singer
Q: How did the collaboration with Aja for "Get It On" come about?
Clemons: The project was conceived by Michael Kaneko, a Japanese producer I met while doing a video in New York with a Japanese band. I happened to have some of my demos and he liked them. He had an idea of an Ike and Tina Turner of the 90's so we went on a search for an Asian woman who sang like Tina Turner. We finally found her in Los Angeles. of all places. She has the greatest voice; it's like my sax- it makes for a great marriage.

Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon)
“She’s like a little Tina Turner!!!"

Metal Temple (Greece)
CD Review: The Iron Maidens: World’s Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden By Michael (Rating 4 of 5)
Now I know what most of you think. Any experienced musician can play any song with a little practice. But handling the vocals? Aja Kim is NOT an "air-raid siren" and she is NOT a clone of Bruce Dickinson. However she is a magnificent performer with a lovely (and very heavy) voice that manages to handle the songs almost perfectly. I cannot ask anything more from her, she has passed my exams with an A+!!!

“What’s better than five hot chicks that play Iron Maiden songs? How about five hot chicks who play Iron Maiden songs really freakin’ well!" Jon Wiederhorn/Guitar World Magazine

“When one thinks of Iron Maiden, they think of song structures, dueling guitar work, impeccable drumming, and masterful bass playing but over everything else, they think of the vocals. Aja Kim (a.k.a. Bruce Lee Chickinson) more than does Bruce justice. In the metal music scene, I'm not sure if I've heard better female vocals. Black Angel Promotions/TJ

“…Aja immediately took complete control of the show with her dynamic vocal range and extraordinary stage presence. She waved a Union Jack during "The Trooper" and whipped the crowd into a frenzy!" Wolfgang Maher/All Access Magazine

“…right down to vocal inflections, they really have done something very special here. There is a welcomed, inspiring feel to hear powerful female vocals and harmonies on these much beloved classics. If Bruce ever leaves Maiden again (may it never be!), we now know whom they could get as a replacement. Aja Kim a.k.a. Bruce “Lee Chickinson (lead vocals) certainly can hit the notes, has a strong, clear voice, and does a hell of a lot more justice to the Maiden songs than Blaze Bailey EVER did." On Track Magazine

“Vocalist Aja Kim (aka Bruce Lee Chickinson) does an incredible job singing the tunes that Bruce Dickinson made famous, making them her own and paying respect to the great Maiden vocalist himself." Roughedge.com

“Great to hear that frontlady Aja Kim “Bruce Lee Chickinson made a cool and easy job singing such songs as "Children Of The Damned" or "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Not only the Dickinson-days are present - also two tunes from the Di’Anno records you can find here. Aja sings "Killers" and "Phantom of the Opera" with such a great dirty sounding voice that you must hear it to believe it." SleazeMetal.com

“…her scream is pretty riotous and her delivery is spot on!" Maximum Metal

“What really makes a difference, and the originality of the CD is the voice, and to give just an example, the chorus of ‘Aces High’ with a female voice is really excellent." The Iron Maiden Commentary

“There’s definitely a special charm in listening to Iron Maiden sung by a female vocalist." Metal Storm

“Vocalist Aja Kim breathes new life into Bruce Dickinson era songs like "The Trooper","Aces High" and "Wasted Years". 1HeavyMetal.com

“Aja makes the perfect frontwoman with her showmanship as well as her excellent vocal range." Debra Stocker/All Access Magazine

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