Professional Biography

Former Philadelphia native, Aja Kim, has recorded and/or performed with a diverse roster of world class musicians and artists (both as a vocalist and as a songwriter) which include saxophonist Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band), Motorhead, guitarists Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Bruce Conte (Tower of Power) and Carlos Guitarlos (Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs), Grammy award winning producer Bob Kulick as well as bassist/vocalist Marco Mendoza (Soul Sirkus, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy) drummers Joey Heredia (Tribal Tech) and Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia) and South American superstars, Wilma Palma e Vampiros, just to name a few and her original band has opened for the patriarch of percussion, Pete Escovedo, among others.

A black belt in the martial art of Shotokan karate, her athletic prowess stood her in good stead when she took on the role of Bruce "LEE" Chickinson. As the award winning and dynamic lead vocalist for the wildly popular tribute band, The Iron Maidens, her powerful voice and electrifying stage performances brought the band to international attention and acclaim, even impressing the real Iron Maiden themselves. The 3 CDs they released: The Iron Maidens (featuring cover artwork by the renowned artist Derek Riggs, creator of Iron Maiden's beloved mascot, Eddie), Route 666 (EP/DVD), and The Root Of All Evil were both critically praised and widely distributed throughout the US, Japan and South America. In addition, she also released her own critically praised solo CD, Modern Babylon.

Aja continues to work as a successful freelance vocalist for recording sessions and live performances and her voice has been featured on radio and television commercials and TV theme songs and she's written songs for the HBO film, Private Wars and the title song for the film No Replay. She is currently writing new material for her 2nd as yet untitled CD as well as writing original material with Motorhead guitarist, Phil Campbell.